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Sunbed Supplies by Best Sunbeds UK

We supply sunbeds for both commercial and private sunbed consumers with an array of other services to support our clientele using our services.

Our many years’ experience is unmatched by our competitors.

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Sunbed Supplier Services

If you are looking for a sunbed for your own use or for business use, then you have come to the right place. We have all the options available via an effortless service we have designed to make you, our valued customers, feel special.

• We supply tanning shops • We supply fitness gyms • We supply hotels • Private home supply • All deliveries taken care of

Wherever you are in the UK and whatever your needs or business, we have the perfect sunbed solution(s) for you.

• Bulk Orders • Commercial Orders • Private Orders • Industrial Orders • Home Orders

Our Sunbed Supplier Services in Short

Here is a sample of the range of services we have on offer for you:

• Sunbed Lease • Sunbed Hire • Sunbed Purchase • Sunbed Maintenance Contracts (free with leased sunbeds) • Sunbed Repair Contracts (free with leased sunbeds)

Add on Services via Online Shop or via our Customer Hotline

Our online shop and order by phone delivery teams also supply in bulk or in single orders:

• Sunbed Parts (lamps/components) • Cosmetics (tanning cosmetics) • Tanning Accessories

Call Now For More Information:

Midlands: 01865 718485 South: 01792 678380 North: 01614 020156

Order Over the Phone or Online

It is so easy to order any one of our sunbed products, which is why we are rated as one of the best sunbed suppliers in the UK.

• Order by phone or online

You can order your cosmetics and sunbed parts online and we’ll deliver them in no time at all – just browse our site for the cosmetic or part you need and simply add them to your basket and order

You can even order your sunbed online and we’ll get in contact with you once you have ordered. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone directly about your order, then just call us on one of the numbers provided above

As a proud sunbed supplier we NEVER run out of stock

We take pride in stocking all of the products, models and makes that you are looking for. At the touch of a button, online or by phone, we will ALWAYS be there to help you.

Supplying Leased or Rented Sunbeds

Leasing sunbeds is a great way to run a cost effective tanning shop. Check out our leasing page. You will find that we supply a variety of sunbeds on a lease basis saving tanning shop owners the huge investment of purchasing their own sunbeds

• Lease Sunbeds to Save Investment • Complimentary Maintenance and Repair

Private Consumer Sunbed Supplies

For those of you out there looking to purchase tanning products for your own personal use, why not come to a commercial supplier to make your orders?

We have an online shop with unbeatable prices. You will be coming directly to one of the biggest and most reputable sunbed supply companies in the UK. We deal in bulk orders for large commercial businesses UK wide enabling us to offer you more affordable prices compared to your high street stores.

Find out more about Best Sunbeds Solutions:

Midlands: 01865 718485 South: 01792 678380 North: 01614 020156

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160W - 250W Premium Line Useful lifetime - 800h 5.77 ft - 176cm Duble Bronzing Lamp + Vit D

Delicate Face - Tanning Lotion All Skin Types Bottle: 150 ml

Celebrity Legs Very Deep Tan Bottles: 150 ml

Delicate Face - Tanning Lotion All Skin Types Sachet: 2 x 4 ml

Celebrity Legs Very Deep Tan Sachets: 2 x 7 ml

My Bright Whites - The Sunbed Kit Teeth whitening kit for sunbeds.

£15.50+£3.10 VAT

Sunbeds Acrylic - BASE / Bench Acrylic

£865.00+£173.00 VAT

Tanning Bed Acrylic - PANEL

£180.00+£36.00 VAT

Tanning Bed Acrylic - BASE / Bench Acrylic

£670.00+£134.00 VAT

SPECIFICATION Body Lamps: 52 x 200W Face Lamps: 4 x 520W Ultra Shoulder Tanners: 2 x 240W Reflector Neck Tanners Power consumption: 16.5 kW...

SPECIFICATION Body Lamps: 52 x 160W-200W Face Lamps: 4 x 420W max Shoulder Tanners: 2 x 240W Reflector Neck Tanners Power consumption: 18.4 kW...

SPECIFICATION Body Lamps: 48 x 160W Face Lamps: 4 x 500W Power consumption: 12.6 kW OPTIONS:  Air conditioning Voice Guide Aroma Aqua Fresh Hot air...

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