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Bronzer - Bronzer - Classic Series LEVEL III COPPER & LAWSONIA  Sachet:  12ml

160W Useful lifetime - 600h 176cm UVA/UVB 3,9VERY HOT LAMP

Accelerator -   Hot Touch Accelerator  - Classic Series LEVEL III TINGLE EFFECT  Sachet:  12ml

Carotene Tanning -  Gold Carrot with melon extracts  15ml

Bronzer -Coco Brown Bronzer - Classic Series LEVEL II COFFEINE & GUARANA  Sachet:  12ml  Bottle: 150 ml

Aloha - Kailua Bronzing Lotion - Bronzer Self-Tanner with Matcha Tea & Chia

Bronzer - Mega Bronzer - Dark Series  Sachet:  15ml

Bronzer - Speed Bronzer - Dark Series  Sachet:  15ml

Advanced tanner  Tanning - Two-phase tanning oil BLUE  Single use:  5ml  Spray Bottle: 30 ml

Accelerator -  Green Tea Accelerator - Classic Series LEVEL I TEA COMPLEX  Sachet:  12ml

Aloha - Caribbean Smooth Bronzing Cocktail - Tannng Lotion Self-Tanner with Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom

Bronzer -  Choco Dream Bronzer - Classic Series LEVEL II DOUBLE CHOCOLATE  Sachet:  12ml

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