Tahnee BouleVard Bronze 200ml


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BouleVard Bronze - Bronzer

Boulevard Bronze gives you a beautiful, shimmering skin.

A shimmering skin, beautiful tan and sensual smell. This is what girls want... Not jus for tanning, but also at night, walking down the boulevard and showing off that bronze and sexy body. You found the perfect mix for a beautiful tan and a younger looking skin. Eyes are rolling tongues are falling, heads will be turning. They cannot take their eyes of your shimmering brown skin.

Selected special features:

Goldtone ™ 10 Time Released Bronzers

The very latest in tanning is the time-released bronzer. Goldtone ™ Time-Released Bronzers work up to 48 hours and create a beautiful and very dark tan.


  • Hibiscus Antioxidant
  • Xtreme Moist


Type Bronzer

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Tahnee BouleVard Bronze 200ml

Tahnee BouleVard Bronze 200ml

BouleVard Bronze - Bronzer

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