Tahnee Intenz Black 200ml


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INTENZ BLACK - Tanning Accelerator

A super sexy tan in a few minutes.

The big bad brother of our bestseller lotion Intenz. Why not kick it up a notch and exploit our expertise in getting the sexiest tan in town? The Goldtone Instant & Time Releasedbronzers guarantee you a super sexy tan in minutes while soothing skincare will give your skin that youthful glow.

Special features:

Tan Fresh ™ technology

Anti-fragrance, pro-freshness! Stay fresh during and after tanning thanks to our patented Tan Fresh ™ technology.

  • Tropic Tan Enhancers
  • Tyrosine Boost
  • Goldtone 40 Instant & Time Released Bronzers
  • Xtreme Moist


Type Tanning Accelerator

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Tahnee Intenz Black 200ml

Tahnee Intenz Black 200ml

INTENZ BLACK - Tanning Accelerator

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