Tahnee Black Curves 200ml


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Black Curves - Accelerator

Tahnee® is the label of a cool new series of products powered by Peau d’Or® and the perfect choice for when you are looking for the highest quality, beyond great results and an unprecedented value for money.

This tanning lotion embodies the very meaning of supersexy: a dark healthy tan and an immaculate firm skin. The Goldtone Instant & Time Released bronzers guarantee a dark natural looking tan while the special anti-cellulite firming peptides will make your skin feel tight and look amazing.

Selected special features:

Tropic Tan Enhancers

A rich blend of natural extracts that will take you to the tropical level of awesome! WARNING: Tropic Tan Enhancers will cause an unbelievable tanning result!


  • BodySculp - Anti-Cellulite
  • CoQ10 Anti-Aging + Trpic Tan Enhancers
  • Xtreme Moist + Vitamin E + Tyrosine Bost
  • Goldtone 88 Instant & Time Released Bronzers


Type Tanning Accelerator

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Tahnee Black Curves 200ml

Tahnee Black Curves 200ml

Black Curves - Accelerator

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