Soleo - Ego (Bronzer) 15ml

Soleo - Ego (Bronzer) 15ml

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This is a strong bronzer with Tyrosine.We all know that it is more difficult to tan man’s skin
because of its differences. This Bronzer can do it easily thanks to the special component’s
combined to truly work on the man’s skin. Dedicated for man’s skin.Can be used on face or
body. This quick absorption formula guarantees the ultimate result by the composition of
bronzer tyrosine and natural caramel.
• DHA Bronzer
• Tyrosine
• Caramel
• Copper
• Safflower Oil
• Collagen
• White Birch Extract
Active ingredients: Fragrance: Cedar wood
Tube 150 ml / 5.3 fl.oz.
Sachet 15 ml / .50 fl.oz

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Soleo - Ego (Bronzer) 15ml

Soleo - Ego (Bronzer) 15ml

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