Prouve Perfume No.5 - For Her (Sweet Vanilla) 50ml

Prouve Perfume No.5 - For Her (Sweet Vanilla) 50ml

Prouve Perfume for Her #5
Sweet Vanilla

Volume: 50ml

Fragrancy concentration: 20%

Equivalent to: CHANEL - Chance

Unique Collection

Prouve Perfume #5

vanilla - iris - musk 

Equivalent to: CHANEL - Chance

For what you'll love him: for the joyful lightness. Every time you reach for that powdery vanilla fragrance, the corners of your mouth will lift up in your smile. You'll feel light and fresh.

What family does it come from: skipper-floral

How is it received: sweet, vanilla

How is it projected: moderate

What category is it from: casual

What makes it an excellent choice: certificate of authenticity

Architecture of scent:
Head note:
jasmine, iris
Heart note:
Deep note:
white musk 

Dainty floral or sensual oriental? How about an original perfume with appetizing gourmand notes? Which composition will you choose today? Each of the Prouvé fragrances was created with passion by French perfumers, from the best Grasse fragrance oils.

prouve no.5

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For Her

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