Tahnee Black Amber 15ml


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Black Amber - Bronzer

Single Use Sachet

Once you go Black Amber.... Execaly ! Wish no more, extreme dark tanning and perfect skin care are right here. Black Amber is know for its strong, skin improving capacity in the Black Amber we used only the best ingredients all together to make your skin look healthy, feel soft and protect it from ageing. At the same time Goldtone Bronzers create that amazing dark tan.

Selected special features:

Tyrosyne Boost™ Tyrosine stimulates the making of natural melanine in the skin. Melanin is the primary determinant for skin colour, or in other words: your tan! Tyrosine boost enhances a 100% natural tanning proces to get a durable and ultimate dark tan.


  • CoQ10 Anti-Aging
  • Light Diverting Minerals

A holiday right there, but lying in the sun is not for you? Maybe you have light complexion and it's very difficult to tan yourself?

  • Goldtone 50 Instant & Time Released Bronzers

If you expect additional natural tan strengthening effect, choose tanning accelerator with bronzer.


Type Bronzer

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Tahnee Black Amber 15ml

Tahnee Black Amber 15ml

Black Amber - Bronzer

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