Tahnee Black Curves 15ml


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Black Curves - Accelerator

Product Type: Tanning Lotion

This tanning lotion embodies the very meaning of supersexy: a dark healthy tan and an immaculate firm skin. The Goldtone Instant & Time Released bronzers guarantee a dark natural looking tan while the special anti-cellulite firming peptides will make your skin feel tight and look amazing.

Selected ingredients:

CoQ10 Anti-Aging

CoQ10 is an essential antioxidant found in every living cell that provides the energy source for cellular renewal and smooth, firm skin.

  • BodySculp - Anti-Cellulite
  • Xtreme Moist + Vitamin E + Tyrosine Bost
  • Goldtone 88 Instant & Time Released Bronzers


Type Tanning Accelerator

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Tahnee Black Curves 15ml

Tahnee Black Curves 15ml

Black Curves - Accelerator

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