Tan Desire Line Pack

All Tan Desire Best Sellers in one bundle! 

Deal Delightful Dark  2 x 250ml,    20 x 15ml
Magic Moment  2 x 250ml,    20 x 15m 
Not Guilty   2 x 250ml,    20 x 15m 
Sexy Angel   2 x 250ml,    20 x 15m 
Hot Desire   2 x 250ml,    20 x 15m 
5 x Tan Desire Leaflet

Delightful Dark - Bronzer

Intense tanning bronzer with aloe and vitamins.

Don’t be afraid of the dark – you are the light!

Get immediate effects that are Dark and Delightful with Multiple Bronzing Agents that deliver instant color and boost dark tanning results. Pamper yourself with nourishing safflower oil and a cocktail of vitamins for the most amazing, supple skin.

Magic Moment - Ultra intensifier

Accelerator lotion with high aloe vera percantage and great moisturizg effect.

Enjoy the magic of intensified tanning!

Enchant the moment with the Magic Moment accelerator lotion, which cuddles your skin in a mixture of hyaluronic acid and hemp oil for comfort and a beautiful, even tan.

Not guilty Accelerator -Accelerator

Ultra fast tanning accelerator with coconut oil and cocoa butter.

NOT GUILTY will enslave you from the very first moment. A stunning tanning accelerator will give you an ultra-fast effect and a stunning tanning body colour. This velvety formula contains aloe vera, coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturise your skin. The relaxing scent of sweet almonds will complete the unique care. Give yourself a moment of pleasure!

Sexy Angel -Accelerator

Ultra-light tanning accelerator with aloe and shea butter.

Feel the angel wings touching your skin.

Let this Sexy Angel speed up your tan with L-T Dark Tanning Accelerator delivers faster, longer lasting and intense tanning results for the most glamorous golden hue. Enjoy conditioning ingredients melt into your skin for long lasting moisture and color retention.

Hot Desire

Tingle bronzer

Extreme bronzer with caffeine and tingle effect.

Dare for more! Of exciting experience and deeper skin tone! Take your tan to a higher and previously unknown level with the Hot Desire!

It is a tingle effect bronzer for special applications. Caution! This product is intended for real tan lovers.

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