Bermuda Gold 1000 - Longlife - 160W


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  • 160W
  • Longlife - 1000h
  • 5.77 ft - 176cm
  • UVA/UVB 2,6


Bermuda Gold is well established as a line of value-performer replacement lamps. Where price is important without sacrificing performance or quality, Bermuda Gold is the answer.

Bermuda Gold – Clever. Smart. Strong.

Bermuda Gold 1000
Bermuda Gold also continues to offer UV tubes with long mount and short mount technology. The long mount technology of the Bermuda Gold 1000 in particular is convincing with its optimised life. Operating temperature is optimised via cool zone technology by the use of long electrodes. This not only increases the lives of the lamps considerably, but also improves tanning results. The refined phosphor (neon/argon gas mixture) and the new style jacket also enhance this effect. For the Bermuda Gold series, the jacket are coated first with the phosphor layer and then ? and this is the new part ? with a protective layer. This protective layer prevents rapid wear and tear of the phosphor and supports longer life of the Bermuda Gold lamps. An additional effect that will convince your tanning customers is the maximised UV-A output of the Bermuda Gold 1000. That means a better direct tan that your customers will see immediately after their tanning session.

The Bermuda Gold 1000 in brief:
Perfected long mount technology for optimum cooling
Refined neon / argon gas mixture for higher UV energy
A new kind of protective phosphor coating for longer life (1000 h)
Maximised direct tanning effect by means of optimised UV-A
Bermuda Gold 1000: high-performance, state-of-the-art lamps.
Optimised UV-A output for maximised tanning effect

Useful operating life 1000 hours
Efficient reflector technology


5.77 ft - 176cm

Lifetime - 1000H

Power 160W
Longlife 1000h
Size 5.77 ft - 176cm

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Bermuda Gold 1000 - Longlife - 160W

Bermuda Gold 1000 - Longlife - 160W

  • 160W
  • Longlife - 1000h
  • 5.77 ft - 176cm
  • UVA/UVB 2,6

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