We provide everything you need
to run a successful tanning shop

Best Sunbeds Ltd is a family run business that was founded in 1998 in Germany. Back then it was difficult to find professional engineers and people with expertise in this industry. Ever since we have been gaining experience and we opened 16 tanning salons in the first three years. Five of them were in Germany which enabled us to forge great relationships and trust with the best manufacturers in the world such as Ergoline and megaSun. We have a lot of experience in customer care, direct sales and our technical knowledge of the commercial sunbeds and how to use it safely is immeasurable.

We are a company with over 20 years of experience in the tanning industry. We have been actively working on the UK market for 5 years now.

We believe that the British market has great growth potential and we aspire to be the best company of its kind in Britain. That is why we will never stop learning to be better and better.

Recently we have become an exclusive distributor of lamps by Fanatic - the most modern and advanced lamps on the market at the moment. Our expert engineers and staff are trained on a regular basis. I could say that our engineers are so good that they can fix the unfixable. We know everything about commercial sunbeds.

We are looking for people who would like to work with us. We are keen to help those who are considering opening their own tanning salon or those who would like to become our partners.


Some of the services we provide are:

• a large range of tanning equipment for sale, lease or rent (Sunbeds Lease - Sunbeds Hire - Rent to Buy and Profit Share)
• sunbed maintenance services & repairs
• computer diagnostics of modern equipment
• optical and electrical tanning bed modifications
• Safety Certification 0.3
• relocation, assembly and disassembly of tanning equipment
• comprehensive stock of various sunbed lamps for sale
• tanning accelerators, lotions & skin care products
• wide range of tanning salon accessories
• substantial stock of replacement parts
• tanning salon consulting

Tanning equipment for sale

We can offer a wide range of pre-owned machines, all of which are completely refurbished to a very high standard. Our sunbeds can be configured according to your needs.
We also sell brand new tanning devices - for more details please visit our website www.bestsunbeds.co.uk or call 01865718485

Tanning beds repair & service – computer diagnostics

We service all makes and models of tanning beds.
We fix "unrepairable" faults such as main board or other electronic parts malfunctions, so our repair costs are often much lower than those charged by our competitors.
We offer computer diagnostics of modern equipment. We easily fix any mechanical problems as well.

Tanning bed modifications

There are two types of tanning bed modifications: optical and electrical. Optical modifications include lacquering and adding modified backlight. For smaller units, we recommend putting them on a special illuminated platform, so that the device appears to be bigger. Electrical modifications are designed to increase the power of the equipment, which allows the time of single tanning session to be reduced.

Technical inspection, & equipment appraisal

We are able to issue tanning equipment certificates of safety. Certificates are not required by law yet, however they are strongly recommended – soon in the near future, having them will be obligatory. Many years of experience allows us to offer a fairly accurate valuation of tanning equipment.

Relocation, assembly and disassembly of tanning equipment/

Call us if you plan to relocate your tanning equipment or if you purchased a new device and need help with proper installation. Our trained sunbed engineers will be able to assist you with almost any request. If you decide to close your tanning business, we can help you resell your equipment.

Sunbed lamps & tubes

We offer a wide range of lamps available to meet your salon requirements.
Why are sunbed lamps so important?
Regular check-up and tube replacement ensure the best possible service for your customers.
The cost of a new lamp is nothing compared to the income it provides.
We offer a whole range of the best brands of tanning lamps. Our selection includes such brands as

  • New Technology
  • Hanau
  • LightTech
  • Cosmedico
  • Fanatic

Tanning accelerator creams, lotions & skin care products. We offer a whole range of the best brands of skin care products and tan intensifying cosmetics. Our selection includes brands such as:

  • eXtreme Tan
  • Magical Sun

Selling cosmetics can even generate up to half of your tanning salon income, further enhancing your customer satisfaction during each individual tanning session.

Spare parts:

We offer a wide range of spare parts, such as acrylic bases, various electronic components and many more.

Tanning salon consulting:

We offer professional advice when it comes to choosing a device optimized for your personal needs (tanning salon, hairdresser salon, beauty salon or for home use). All our sunbeds are covered by a one-year guarantee (unless otherwise noted). Every device is thoroughly inspected before being issued for sale to assure that it is 100% functional and safe to use.


We provide everything you need to run a successful tanning shop. Our offers include sunbed controllers, starters, sanitizers, bolsters, goggles, old control panels replacements and many more.