reconditioned sunbeds

Wide range of refurbisherd commercial sunbeds, all of which are reconditioned to very high standard.

New sunbeds

Brand new commercial tanning beds in very competitive prices.

tanning lamps

Wide range of tanning lamps, to meet your salon requirements.


Whole range of the best brand of skin care products and tan intensifying cosmetics.


All accesories you need to run a succesful tanning shop.

Rent a sunbed

You pay a fixed monthly charge for 12 months and we maintain and service the sunbed for you.

New products:

Mega Deals:

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    SPECIFICATION Body Lamps: 52 x 160W-200W Face Lamps: 4 x 420W max Shoulder Tanners: 2 x 240W Reflector Neck Tanners Power consumption: 18.4 kW OPTIONS:  Sun Angel Tanning Sensor Air condition - Climatronic Plus Voice Guide 3D Sound Unit (SD card slot, Mp3) Aromatherapy Aqua Fresh Dynamic Power Hot air extract

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    SPECIFICATION Body Lamps: 50 x 180W (190cm) Power consumption: 11 kW OPTIONS:  Music System Body Ventilation OPTIONALLY*: Four Seasons Aroma Aqua Cool Vibra Nano Mirror Floor