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Rent a sunbed

Thinking about hiring a sunbed for your business?
At Best Sunbeds we have the perfect answer for you!

For more information about sunbed rental, please call Best Sunbeds Team:

Midlands 01865 718485
South 01792 678380
North 01614 020156

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Rental sunbeds

In addition to our purchase and lease sunbed tanning equipment we also have introduced a rental option of our bestselling sunbeds. Our rental sunbeds have been completely refurbished and upgraded by our team of expert engineers. At Best Sunbeds we ensure that our machines are visually stunning and electronically superb.



At Best Sunbeds we have come up with a simple rental option for our customers – with no hidden charges. The sunbeds in our rental package come equipped with the latest technology, FanaticClassic EuroTan 0.3 complaint lamps as standard. However, if you would like to opt for anothersunbed tube our package allows you to do so, with no extra charges. We aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction, so please do not be afraid to inquire about our lamp recommendations.

Our rental contract is simple. You pay a fixed monthly charge for 12 months and we maintain and service the sunbed for you. You will also receive a free starter pack of tanning salon essentials.

Would you like to find out more? Please get in touch with one of our sales associates at or alternatively give us a call on 01865 718485. We are more than happy to answer any questions and queries!


Our top picks for hire:

MegaSun 4000 - White + Light Show

Powerful, striking, distinctive in character – experience the unique spirit of the megaSun 4000


Body Lamps: 40 x 160W

Face Lamps: 3 x 400W

Power consumption: 10.5 kW

Single Phase conversion possible


Ergoline 500 Evolution - White + Light Show

Experience the stylish design and exclusive feel of the Upgraded Ergoline 500 Evolution.


Body Lamps: 43 x 160W

Face Lamps: 3 x 500W

Shoulder Tanners: 7 x 25W *optionally

Power consumption: 12.5 kW

Single Phase conversion possible


Ergoline - Soltron XL70 High Comfort - White + Light Show

Relax and unwind with the Soltron XL70 High Comfort.


Body Lamps: 50 x 160W

Face Lamps: 4 x 520W Ultra

Shoulder Tanners: 7 x 25W

Reflector Neck Tanners

Power consumption: 15 kW

Ergoline XL70.png

MegaSun 6000 - White + Light Show

The megaSun 6000 perfectly combines powerful and enjoyable tanning, delivering beautiful and bronzed results every time.


Body Lamps: 48 x 160W

Face Lamps: 4 x 500W

Power consumption: 12.1 kW

Single Phase conversion possible


Brand New Fanatic Eminence

46 premium tanning tubes inside this stunning Fanatic Eminence will ensure that your customers will get a beautiful and even tan.


Body Lamps: 46 x 180W (190cm)

  • Body Ventilation
  • Mp3/AUX connection
  • Electronic Ballasts

Power consumption: 9 kW