Comprehensive service
maintenance and re-tubing

Are you in need of Sunbed service or repair?

No worries… Best Sunbeds Ltd Team comes to the rescue!

We work with the best qualified engineers that will be able to help you. It is our priority to do everything we can to keep your sunbeds in the best condition possible. If you are in need of spare parts, a maintenance, repair or safety certification; call our service, we will assist you from establishing which part you need or if an engineer visit is required.

We service all makes and models of tanning beds. We can fix what some people call ‘’unfix-able’’ faults, such as main board or other electronic malfunctions, therefore our repair costs are very often much lower. We offer computer diagnostics of modern equipment. We can easily fix any mechanical problems as well. We offer a large range of spare parts.

Sunbed modifications

There are two types of tanning bed modifications: optical and electrical. Optical modification includes lacquering or/and adding additional lamps. For smaller units we recommend putting them on a special illuminated platform, so the device appears to be bigger. Electrical modifications are designed to increase the power of the equipment. This allows the time of a single session to be reduced, which means the life-time of equipment such as tanning lamps will extend.

Relocation, assembly and disassembly of tanning equipment

Are you planning to relocate your tanning equipment? Or maybe you purchased a new device and need help with proper installation? We got you covered! Simply contact us, and we can arrange this job for you.

For more information about sunbed service and repairs, please call Best Sunbeds Team: Midlands 01865 718485 South 01792 678380 North 01614 020156