Commercial Sunbeds Supplier - We offer NEW and RECONDITIONED modern tanning Sunbeds with unique designs and many customisation options that meet everyone’s needs and desires. We have a wide range of stock and supplies available which will help you run a successful Tanning Business.

From innovative tanning cosmetics and accessories to the latest technology tanning lamps from well-known manufactures such as Fanatic, LightTech, Cosmedico and many more.

Commercial Sunbeds Safety Certificates

Commercial Sunbeds Safety Certificates are necessary only in some areas of London, however, these will become obligatory for every Tanning Salon in the near future. Best Sunbeds Ltd is authorised to issue those certificates and we would highly recommend we do so.

Tanning Supplies Sales Advice

Tanning Supplies; Advertisement and sales of goods such as tanning accessories and lotions can increase a salon's sales by 50 to 60%. Enhancing your clients satisfaction during every individual tanning session is a win-win situation for both you and your client. You can generate more income whilst your client gets better results! Contact us today for advice.

Tanning Lamps

Complex choice of lamps
meeting the latest trends

We offer a wide range of best tanning lamps on the market, to meet your salon requirements. Years of experience allowed us to identify best quality equipment.

We have all types of tanning lamps, and we are confident we can meet expectations of the most demanding clients.

Active filters

  • Brand: Hanau
  • 250W
  • Useful lifetime - 800h
  • Neck / Sholulder Tanners
  • Fits megaSun
Extreme Tanning Lamp
  •  0.3 Compliance
  • 300w-600W
  • Product Lifetime - 800h
  • Fits megaSun 7900/7000/Alpha etc.
  • 160W
  • Product lifetime - 600h
  • 5.77 ft - 176cm
  • 160W
  • Product lifetime - 800h
  • 5.77 ft - 176cm