Prouve Unisex Perfume

Prouve Unisex Perfume 03m. (Fruity and Citrus) 50ml

Prouve Unisex Perfume 03m.
Fruity and citrus 

Volume: 50ml

Fragrancy concentration: 20%

Prouve Unisex Perfume 03m.

blackcurrant, bitter pink

What will seduce you in it: the slightly sour and delicious aroma of black currants ripened in the summer sun, enlivened by a molecule representing citrus notes of bitter grapefruit. 

What family does it come from: citrus-fruit 

How is it received: citrus, fresh 

Tip from the perfumer: the composition brings a slight refreshment 

Bitter pink feel the sun's rays, in which the bitter, sour and extremely juicy pink grapefruit is bathed. This molecule has a delicious, energizing smell and stimulates the sense of smell.  

How does a perfect perfume smell? It's different for everyone. But everyone who chooses perfume has one desire: to smell unique and special. This challenge was faced by the perfumers cooperating with us. Their answer is molecular perfume, which you can mix and create your own personalised scent. Don't be fooled by their minimalist formula: this is one of the most surprising perfumes in your perception!


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