Sanitising Station

Sanitizing Station - mains powered model

Mains powered model Sanitizing Station

This innovative Sanitizing Station will add prestige
and professionalism to your business. 

Super efficient 5l tank will allow up to 10,000 applications.
Designed to make sanitizing easily accessible for your staff and your clients. 

Comes with 5l liquid supply. 

Our Innovative Sanitising Station is a great investment for your business. It has been designed to make sanitising easily accessible for everyone and has multiple features. 

- Completely Contactless

- The light changes to red during the application

- Super efficient 5l tank, allows 10,000 applications (0,5ml of liquid used per application)

- Indicates liquid is running low by flashing in red and blue (this means there are approximately 200 applications left)

- Mounted on wheels, making it highly portable, meaning you can position them with ease anywhere they are needed. 

- Advertisement spots are provided on both sides

- Optional feature of inside batter, which allows you to use the unit in places with no electricity or when you are moving the unit frequently - Sanitising Station - battery powered model.  


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