Ergoline Prestige 1400 White Intelligent Performance

ERGOLINE PRESTIGE 1400 (Pearl White) - Intelligent Performance


  • Body Lamps: 52 x 200W
  • Face Lamps: 4 x 520W + 3 x 8W
  • Shoulder Tanners: 2 x 240W
  • Power Consumption 18.5 kW
  • Eco Tech
  • Intelligent Performance

ERGOLINE PRESTIGE 1400  - Intelligent Performance

Ergoline technology provides a faster and deeper tan by taking into account different lamp distances from the body in the tanning tunnel and individually adjusting their performance to achieve the same UV intensity anywhere on the body. The result is an unprecedented, even 30% more intense and even tan. 

Ergoline Prestige 1400, our reconditioned sunbed has been fully renovated by team Best Sunbeds, and it is ready to use by your clients at the highest standard possible. 

Exposure Time 30 minutes
Power Consumption 18,700 Watts
Electrical Required 230 Volts - 3 Phase or 230 Volts - 1 Phase
Circuit Breaker 70 Amp - 3 Phase or 110 Amp 1 Phase
Weight 1,550 lbs
Dimensions closed 94"L x 64"W x 64"H
Dimensions open 94"L x 64"W x 79"H
Recommended Room Size 10 ft. x 9 ft.

NFC Connect - By providing your high end sunbed clients with a personal VIP card, you allow them to save their preferred settings for future sessions. Using the NFC card they will be greeted by name and all features adjusted to their personal comfort preference. This is taking customer service to the next level!  Simply hold the card next to NFC-Field. The device will automatically take you to Professional Set-Up Manager. As the operator, you can use NFC to quickly and securely transfer all settings to other sunbeds as well. This cannot get easier!

Climatronic Plus - This function will allow you to set you ideal body and face temperature. Once you are happy with the temperature, it will stay on the same level throughout the whole session. The sunbed will keep the noise to the minimum. This will allow you to fully enjoy your tanning session.

Aqua Fresh System - Ergoline Prestige 1400 contain nozzles that offer delicate and subtle mist spraying during the tanning session. This feature will offer an amazing experience to you and your clients.

Aroma - This feature will allow you and your clients to fully relax during the tanning session, by giving gentle relaxing and refreshing smell. Aroma combined with Aqua Fresh System will make you fall in love with this sunbed! 

LED Light Show - This will add luxury, prestige and professionalism  to your tanning salon. More importantly it is eye-catching, meaning it will grab everyone's attention to this beautiful sunbed straight away. You can pick from 200 different colours and animations. This will allow you to set your ideal combination. Thanks to this feature you make sure it will match your brand and salon, so everything is looking nice and aesthetic.

Voice guide - This feature will be definitely helpful for you and your clients. Let the sunbed guide you through its features! This will make the tanning session process extremely easy and smooth, even for beginners or new users!

Control Center - Ergoline Sunbed operation has never been simpler! Positioned in perfect place with easily readable screen and large icons. Control Center combined with Voice Guide feature will allow you and your clients to adjust sunbed's settings to your preferences extremally fast. 

Dynamic Power - Ergoline Prestige 1400 with dynamic power enhancement gives the device ability to generate power of acceptable quality. Dynamic Power can also give you an ability to control lamps strength (saving mode with which you can extend your tubes life-time or full power mode for around 20% more intense UV output).

Multi Relax Acrylic - Wide acrylic base was designed with well placed foot rest to make sure you will receive the highest comfort possible.

3D sound - This feature is the key of the best sunbed experience possible. 3D sound will definitely help you dive into relaxation mode in seconds.

Mp3 connection - This feature combined with 3D sound is just everything you need to fully enjoy your tanning session. Mp3 connection will make sure everyone can find their favourite song. Everyone needs some 'me' time.