Brand New Opal Fitness by Tanzi - MEGA DEAL

Opal Fitness - Fully Loaded + Vibra - BRAND NEW SUNBED


  • Body Lamps: 46 x 180W (200cm)

  • Power consumption: 9 kW


  • Music System
  • Mp3/AUX
  • Control Panel + Timer
  • Body Ventilation
  • EasyOpen System
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • RGB lights
  • Aqua Spray
  • Aroma
  • Vibra Floor


  • Changing Cubicle
  • Customized Prints

Opal Fitness - Fully Loaded + Vibra

Opal Fitness is one of the best-selling stand up sunbeds on the market. The tanning device has two modes of ventilation- body ventilation and lamp ventilation system. This will make tanning more enjoyable for your clients. The sunbed is fitted with an Easy Open acrylic which makes lamp changes and maintenance extremely easy. The adjustable step allows comfort tanning for short and tall clients. The Opal Fitness is fitted with impressive stand-by lightning inside and outside the tanning cabin. Opal Fitness is a beautiful stand up sunbed that falls in line with makes such as Ergoline and megaSun. However... What makes Opal Fitness so special? It is the fact, that you can configure and personalize your sunbed from the top to the bottom, with tanning lamps of your choice included! Add the features you want. Now you can decide what your desired stand up sunbed is! We are a leader in the field of solarium solutions.
Best Sunbeds Ltd. is not just a company, it's an experienced team.
Personalized - Go all in! Supply us with a theme, picture or logo and we will put it on your Opal Fitness' cabin! Stand out from the crowd. This is a great opportunity for you to up the game and surprise your clients with a customized cabin door. This will definitely add prestige and professionalism to your salon.
Aqua - Opal Fitness offer delicate and subtle mist spraying during the tanning session. This feature will offer an amazing experience to you and your clients.
Aroma - A mix of fresh, floral and spicy notes will uplift you and turn the sunbed into your own SPA session. This feature combined with Aqua feature will make your clients fall in love!
Sound System - Allows you to control the volume of the music inside the cabin. Aux Mp3 - With the ability to plug in your own phone, you can now listen to your favourite music. You can fully customize the playlist to your perfect tanning session. This is everything you need to enjoy your tanning session to the fullest.
LED Light show - Amaze your clients with a beautiful LED light show, which can light up any salon. This will add luxury, prestige and professionalism  to your tanning salon. More importantly it is eye-catching, meaning it will grab everyone's attention to this Opal Fitness straight away.
Mirror Floor - Get more out of your tanning session, as the UV rays bounce off the mirror to deepen your tan faster.
Vibra Floor - One hour work out down to 15 minutes? Sounds impossible? Not with Opal Fitness and its Vibra floor! Experience the vibrating floor plate which doesn't just make your tanning session more fun and healthier; it also helps you to tone up and stimulate the blood flow which results in a better tan.
Changing room - Are you struggling with space in your salon?  Best Sunbeds Ltd got you covered! Forget about the struggle of trying to build your own cubicle, and let us do that for for you
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Body Tubes
49 x 180W

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