megaSun 7800 Alpha hybridSun - Ex-display sunbed


  • Body Lamps: 26 x 160W + 24 x 180W
  • 40x LED booster
  • Shoulder Tanners: 2 x 250W
  • Face Lamps: 4 x MS700
  • Power consumption: 13,3 kW


  • Sun - tanning level pre selection
  • Audio - audio source pre selection
  • Voice - megaVoice
  • Aircon - airconditioning
  • AquaCool
  • Aroma - aromatization
  • Aqua - aquaCool
  • Bluetooth
  • PreSelection Touch Screen
  • Colormotion

megaSun 7800 alpha hybridSun

The powerhouse of the new 7800 series is equipped with ultimate and hurricane tubes, which will provide your customers an ideal tan and a beautiful skin tone. The Intelligent Control System lets you adjust many settings instantly, without having to call a technician.

Your customers will benefit too, as they are able to preset the individual comfort features. All of the well known comfort features such as aquaCool, airCon, aroma, Bluetooth etc. are available as well. 

Rapid tanning results 10/10
Development of Pigment 9/10
Skin Care 8/10
Production of Vitamin D 9/10

megaSun 7800 sunbed has special features like Intelligent Control System with high resolution Touch screen. It makes tanning session pleasant and delightful. You can customise each tanning session quickly and intuitively according to your needs. Easy access to regular maintenance features and service settings.

Colour Motion Plus - is a function thanks to which you will change the back-light of the sunbeds body to the colour of your choice or automatic colour sequence.

Strong and efficient shoulder tanner called the X-tra Tan function.

The Wellness Package it's a combination of a delicate body and face breeze combined with the aroma function to be chosen by the client during the tanning session.

(Height x width x depth) in mm: 1539 x 2384 x 1603 (closed)
2038 x 2384 x 1431 (open)