Fanatic Matrix euro tan

Fanatic New Matrix Generation EuroTan 0.3 160W - 1,8m

  • 160W - 250W
  • Product lifetime - 800h
  • 176cm


New Improved
Twisted Lamp - glow pink

Fanatic, it's series of newest technology tanning lamps. Many years of experience allowed us to create a series of lamps that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Now with optimized reflector and new phosphor mix.

Join the sensible tanning revolution!

The 0.3 compliant lamps offer a gentler tanning, with the same stunning effect but none of the uncomfortable burning feeling. The 0.3 regulation makes tanning safer and smarter.

The 0.3 compliant lamps are comparable to the sun’s natural rays, limiting the risks of overexposure. The lamps operate on a naturalised UVB radiation, which are intelligently supplemented by highly-concentrated UVA rays which penetrate the skin better and deeper. This unique mix of UVA and UVB rays result in a deeper than which lasts longer. The ray is fortified with collagen which firms your skin, reduces fine wrinkles, encourage the production of collagen and help to fight skin conditions such as acne and eczema.
As the lamp is much gentler on your skin, you can enjoy a longer tanning session. The beautiful glow of the will rejuvenate your body and mind during every tanning session.

Customer confidence and the safe operation are guaranteed due to the use of state of the art technologies.


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5.77 ft - 176cm

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