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We sell New sunbeds  and Reconditioned sunbeds the UK. Please call for a competitive price. From modern tanning beds with unique designs to a wide range of tanning supplies and everything you need to equip your tanning salon. Our company offers a wide range of tanning tubes, as also replacement of lamps and tanning tubes fitting services, from well-known manufactures such as LightTech, Cosmedico, Fanatic and many more. The cost of a new lamp is nothing compared to the income it provides. We are able to issue tanning equipment certificates of safety. Certificates are not required by law yet, however they are strongly recommended – soon in the near future, having them will be obligatory. We have become a successful company in providing tanning essentials, which are dignified for their performance and guarantee better tanning results. Selling cosmetics can even generate up to half of your tanning salon income, further enhancing your customer satisfaction during each individual tanning session.


Sunbed Accessories and acrylics
to keep your sunbed in top condition

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Genuine Sunbed Foot / Floor Mat is flexible and comes in Blue, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Red or Black. It is intended to use it in tanning studios as a floor / foot mat in the sunbed room.

Sunbed Floor Mat Size:
80 cm x 59 cm

Sunbed Floor Mat Size:
80 cm x 59 cm

Different colours

Sunbed Floor Mat Size:
80 cm x 59 cm

Sunbed Floor Mat Size:
80 cm x 59 cm

Digital Sunbed Controller - Token Free

Digital Sunbed Controller - IDe

Ergoline Panel Vinyl  - Easy to Fit

Tanning Bed Acrylic - TOP/ CANOPY ACRYLIC


Sunbeds Acrylic - BASE / Bench Acrylic

Tanning Bed Acrylic - BASE / Bench Acrylic

Tanning Bed Acrylic -  CLIMATE ACRYLIC PANEL

Tanning Bed Acrylic - SIDE

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