Rainbow Light

UV Power Rainbow Light PLUS Yellow 180W R 2m

  • 180W
  • 200cm - 6.56 ft
  • Yellow light – The special UVB light increases the production vitamin D and serotonin.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


The leaves of the tree represent our upper skin layer, the epidermis. Our deeper skin layers can be compared to the roots of a tree. Rainbow Light also penetrates into deeper skin layers and supplies the skin with light energy.

UV LIGHT... provides a direct and long-lasting beautiful tan through UVA and UVB light energy and for the vital vitamin D synthesis.

RAINBOW LIGHT... penetrates into deeper skin layers, into the roots. Especially the red BEAUTY LIGHT reaches the blood vessels and the collagen producing cells. It provides the skin with light energy for a natural anti-aging effect and an optimized tanning result.

RAINBOW LIGHT AND IT'S EFFECT The light of the sun exists in a wide spectrum: from long-wave red light, to yellow and green, to short-wave blue light and UV light. The light of the sun only becomes visible to us when drops of water are broken in the air and a rainbow is formed.

RAINBOW LIGHT... unites all relevant light areas blue, green, red & yellow and integrates the effects of the colors in combination with UV light into a unique tanning-beauty- and wellness experience.

• direct tan • long-lasting tan • Vitamin D Synthesis • beauty effects . biopositive effects

RAINBOW LIGHT... Rainbow Light emits power especially in the spectrum that is responsible for vitamin D formation and achieves a significantly higher efficiency compared to the natural sun in our latitudes.


Rainbow Lights are the latest technology in the tanning industry.
Not only are they visually pleasing, they also give you multiple health benefits. Give your clients something to talk about! These lamps consist of 4 different colours.

Blue light – The special qualities of blue light can treat skin problems thanks to it’s antibacterial effect. Blue light also emits positive energy for increased wellness.

• regenerates and vitalizes the skin • has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect • strengthens the immune system increases vitality, concentration, productivity and well-being

Green light – This colour spectrum can reduce stress easily and boost energy.

RAINBOW LIGHT GREEN  • soothes and regenerates the skin • provides new energy • has a harmonizing, relaxing & balancing effect 

Red light – The red colour spectrum nourishes skin, making it smooth and soft and can help the production of collagen and elastin. This energy can also improve the skin’s moisture balance and inhibit free radicals.


• stimulates the collagen production in the skin • improves the skin moisture • promotes the blood circulation & stimulates the oxygen balance in the skin .acts caring, smoothing, firming and vitalizing

Yellow light – The special UVB light increases the production vitamin D and serotonin.


• raises your spirits and gives joy of living .acts balancing and tightening • promotes the formation of vital Vitamin D

Rainbow light

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6.56ft - 200cm

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