Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light PLUS Yellow 160W R

  • 160W
  • 180cm - 5.91 ft
  • LIGHT YELLOW -SUNNY LIGHT • raises your spirits and gives joy of living .acts balancing and tightening • promotes the formation of vital Vitamin D


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

Your Skin


Skin is made up of various layers, all of which have different purposes. It protects us from environmental influences, absorbs vital nutrients and also emits harmful substances. The four light spectrums in megaSun and UV-Power’s latest rainbow bed vary in wavelength, providing each of the skin’s individual layers with exactly what they need to remain healthy whilst also providing the perfect tan.

RAINBOW LIGHT... Rainbow Light emits power especially in the spectrum that is responsible for vitamin D formation and achieves a significantly higher efficiency compared to the natural sun in our latitudes.

Rainbow Light by New Technology bronzing lamps are impressive lighting effects in your living room.

Four colors of light for positive energy and a beautiful and deep tan!

Lamp installation:


Blue light – The special qualities of blue light can treat skin problems thanks to it’s antibacterial effect. Blue light also emits positive energy for increased wellness.

Green light – This colour spectrum can reduce stress easily and boost energy.

Red light – The red colour spectrum nourishes skin, making it smooth and soft and can help the production of collagen and elastin. This energy can also improve the skin’s moisture balance and inhibit free radicals.

Yellow light – The special UVB light increases the production vitamin D and serotonin.

Rainbow light

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5.91 ft - 180cm

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